Open call

Open Call

Open call for demo cases program

Project acronym: MedPhab

Project full name: Photonics Solutions at Pilot Scale for Accelerated Medical Device Development

Project grant agreement number: 871345

MedPhab, first European pilot line for photonics-based medical devices, is organizing Open Call for the external companies developing medical products. The objective of the Open Call is to provide technology development services for the companies that are adopting advanced photonics technologies in the medical diagnostics solutions. As the technology development services are pioneering in nature, we provide subsidized financial support to up to 20 business cases. For small and medium enterprises (SMEs) the support is 75% of the costs and for large enterprises the support is 50%. The development project can be up to 125 k€ in volume (max. financial MedPhab-EU contribution).

MedPhab consortium consists of research organization and industrial parties with ISO13485 certificate allowing the seamless development from early phase proof-of-concept to regulated pilot production. Depending on the phase of the development, most suitable MedPhab party or parties are selected as developer. MedPhab provides support from prototyping phase till the pilot production phase.

Participation in the open call

The proposal submission has two stages: a pre-screening phase and a full proposal submission (more details in Application Guidelines, coming SOON). To know more about the process, a Webinar will be held on May 11, 2021, more information HERE.

First cut-off date for pre-screening phase: 15/07/2021

First cut-off date for full proposal: 30/11/2021

Expected duration of participation: 3-12 months

Maximum amount of financial support for each third party: 125 K€

All the enquiries are handled confidentially.

Email address for further information:


Information coming soon…


Information coming soon…