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Open call for demo cases program

MedPhab (EU GA871345), Europe’s first pilot line for photonics-based medical devices, is launching an Open Call for the external companies developing medical products. The objective of the Open Call is to provide technology development services for the companies that are adopting advanced photonics technologies in the medical diagnostics solutions. As the technology development services are pioneering in nature, we provide subsidized financial support to up to 20 business cases. For small and medium enterprises (SMEs) the support is 75% of the costs and for large enterprises the support is 50%.

The MedPhab consortium consists of  research organizations and industrial parties with ISO13485 certificate allowing the seamless development from early phase proof-of-concept to regulated pilot production. Depending on the phase of the development, the most suitable MedPhab party or parties are selected as developer.

Participation in the open call

The proposal submission has two stages: a pre-screening phase and a full proposal submission (more details in Application Guidelines).

If you are interested in learning more about MedPhab and about how you can participate in the Open Call, you can see the recording here of the Webinar that took place on May 11, 2021. Another webinar will be held on October 28, 2021. More information here.

First cut-off date for pre-screening phase: 15/07/2021- CLOSED

First cut-off date for full proposal: 30/11/2021

Next dates: From January 2022. See WHEN

Expected duration of participation: 3-12 months

Maximum amount of EU-financial support for each project: 125 K€

All the enquiries are handled confidentially. MEDPHAB OPEN CALL

Email address for further information:


Project acronym: MedPhab Project full name: Photonics Solutions at Pilot Scale for Accelerated Medical Device Development Project grant agreement number: 871345   MedPhab, first European pilot line for photonics-based medical devices, is organizing Open Call for the external companies developing medical products. The objective of the Open Call is to provide technology development services for the companies that are adopting advanced photonics technologies in the medical diagnostics solutions. As the technology development services are pioneering in nature, we provide subsidized financial support to up to 20 business cases. Interested companies can apply for the support to development, manufacturing and upscaling of photonic-based medical devices products. The types of activities that qualify for receiving support must be related to medical device products enabled by one or more following photonics  technologies:

    • Fibre optics
    • Microfluidics
    • Surface functionalisation
    • Instrumentation
    • Opto-electronic integration
    • Miniaturisation for micromodules and wearables

The aims of Demo Case for these topics will be:

      • Assessment of technology and manufacturing status of medical device concept;
      • Execution of experiments to advance the maturity level of your concept;
      • Small series fabrication of demonstrators if possible within the scope;
      • Elaborate your exploitation plan (e.g. cost calculation, supply chain, market expansion).

Typical company profile, one or more can apply:

      • You have a photonics-based innovative medical device concept;
      • You are planning to advance your concept towards production readiness;
      • You want to set up a manufacturing value chain;
      • You need a technology that fits with the technology offerings available in MedPhab.



The Call will be open from March 2021 to December 2022, and applicants will be able to apply anytime. The Evaluation process involves two stages: a pre-screening process and a full proposal evaluation.

  1. The  pre-screening stage is a continuous process from January 2022, in which applicants can send their in-take form anytime in which the calls for demo cases are open.
  2. Full proposal stage: First cut-off deadline: November 30, 2021. From January 2022 deadlines will be every two months (i.e. end of March 2022, May 2022, July 2022, September 2022, November 2022, at 17:00 CET).


The Call is open to:

  • Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Large companies

Please note that the main factors determining the type of the company are staff headcount and, either, turnover or balance sheet total (see the COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION of 6 May 2003 concerning the definition of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises). If you are not sure, please check the User Guide to the SME Definition. Please also note that a check of the type of company will be assessed if your demo-case is selected for co-funding.  

In order to be eligible for this Call, your company will also have to be established in one of the eligible countries.*

*UK is considered as before Brexit.



As a selected Demo-case company you will:

  • Be among the first adopters of open access pilot line for companies that are interested in the manufacture and system-level integration of photonic medical devices towards product launch.
  • Have access to MedPhab’s unique ecosystem composed of leading research organizations, several innovative technology suppliers, recognized experts in the business development and investors.
  • Have an access to expertise required to manufacture photonic in-vitro and in-vivo medical devices.
  • Receive customized support through a unique set of services integrating technical, business, ecosystem expertise which will enable you to build up sustainable business cases.

The Maximum EU-contribution for a Demo case is up to 125 k€:


Please notice that the proposal submission has two stages: a pre-screening phase and a full proposal submission. In both stages the documents should be prepared in English. If the in-take form in the pre-screening phase is not submitted a full proposal cannot be submitted or evaluated. The full proposal will be evaluated by MedPhab evaluators in the nearest cut-off. All proposals will be evaluated (scores ranging from 0 to 5) according to the following sections:

  • Concept: This section should cover how this Demo Case aligns to the MedPhab call, the business needs, the technological challenge identified and your approach to innovation.
  • Implementation: This section should include details of your company resources, a draft outline of work activities, IPR management and any risks identified.
  • Impact: This section describes the key outcomes of your Demo Case and the impact that your innovative Product / series of products will have on the market. How do you propose to grow your business and increase your productivity into the long term as a result of the Demo Case? Describe the importance of MedPhab services. How MedPhab services can accelerate the product development and reduce the costs?

The maximum overall score is 15. The standard threshold for individual criteria is 3, and the standard overall threshold, applying to the sum of the three individual scores, is 10. The average of the 3 scores given by evaluators per section and total will be calculated for each proposal. Proposals failing to achieve the threshold score per individual criteria and the overall threshold will be rejected. Proposals exceeding the threshold points will be ranked using the following weighting ratios between different categories: 40% Concept, 10% Implementation and 50% Impact. About 700k€ of funding has been reserved for the 1st Open call round. The proposals with the highest scores in the ranking will be funded in the descending order.  The most successful proposals, having passed the first stage of the pre-screening phase and full proposal evaluation, will be offered the chance to negotiate and define a Joint Implementation Agreement (JIA) with MedPhab Service Delivery Manager and MedPhab partners involved. Evaluation of the full proposal will be returned in 20 natural days from submission deadline. The entire process from in-take form submission (pre-screening) until the end of service delivery could take up to 18 months in the case that your proposal is selected for funding.

Confidentiality At the pre-screening stage no Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) will be required. During the proposal writing phase an NDA will be signed between the MedPhab partner(s) involved in writing and the client. Another generic and non-negotiable NDA only for the evaluation purposes will be signed between the MedPhab partners with a representative in the Evaluation Team and the client before the evaluation step. After a successful evaluation of the proposal, an NDA will be signed between the executing partner(s) and the client as part of the Joint Implementation Agreement (JIA).


If you are interested in applying to the Call, please follow the steps listed below before submitting your application.

  • Go to
  • Check out the offering and technologies of MedPhab if they fit your needs.
  • Download & read thoroughly the open call Application Guidelines.
  • Complete MedPhab in-take form for the pre-screening process, HERE (no NDA).
  • A MedPhab coach will be assigned to you after the pre-screening stage is successfully passed. (NDA between you and your coach).
  • Register for the full proposal via this LINK.
  • Download the Full Proposal template.
  • Complete the Full proposal template, save it as a PDF file (up to 10 pages), upload it and submit it HERE. (Generic NDA between evaluation team and client).
  • Wait for the evaluation process to be completed.
  • Sign the Joint Implemenation Agreement with the MedPhab partner(s) involved in the demo-case.
  • Start the execution of your demo case.
  • Return the feedback form.


Please note that these documents are prepared for the whole procedure, however some might undergo minor changes after the first cut-off. In addition, NDAs (between MedPhab partner and client for preparation of the proposal, and during implementation) and JIA are drafted documents, and will be adapted to each case.

*The full proposal is completed through HERE


If you need assistance with applying to the Call, or any other clarification related with MedPhab call, please send us your enquiries by phone to:  +420 226 217 422 or by email to . Helpdesk will be active Monday – Friday from 9:00 to 17.00 (CET). We will be happy to help you. We encourage all applicants to revise the technical and business feasibility of their ideas well in advance of submission.

Public information and Feedback

**excluding those specifically mentioned by the client in the in-take form

NOTE: If no concerns are raised by Applicants/clients, they will be asked to fill a Feedback form/Questionnaire in which they will describe the key achievements/results of the demo-case, experience of working with MedPhab, how MedPhab helped in solving the problem, etc. This document will be shared only amongst the MedPhab partners and European Commission.