Success stories

The technology readiness and MedPhab operation process will be validated by:

  • Use-Case Validation program (MedPhab Partners), upscaling and demonstrating performance of 5 innovative medical diagnostics products;
  • Demo-Case Open Calls program enabling early adoption of the technologies by external users, demonstrating the pilot line services and validating the open access business model.


MedPhab partners

Use-case companies, part of MedPhab Consortium, selected to validate the pilot line services in vitro and in vivo:

 “The results of the project will play a major role with a view to the competitiveness of next-generation wearable devices using optics. The cooperation will give companies an opportunity to get acquainted with new manufacturing techniques and pilot them with only a minor own investment,”

says Jyrki Schroderus, Director, Research&Technology at Polar.

“The project supports the development of Screentec’s production competence in various product groups, particularly in the manufacturing and mechanical integration of measuring systems based on optics. The collaboration enables testing and validation of new production and integration processes based on customer needs,”

says Antti Tauriainen, Managing Director at Screentec.

“The new production processes will allow to integrate new photonic functionality in both the GENSPEED R2 analyzer but even more importantly also directly into GENSPEED’s Testchips. This will open new fields of applications for the GENSPEED technology, “

says Max Sonnleitner, CEO of GENSPEED Biotech.

“MedPhab will support the next-stage development of Radisens Diagnostics’ IVD point-of-care platform. The know-how within the consortium will be used to introduce photonics and non-photonics technologies for the manufacture of a cost-effective point-of-care reader and accompanying test cartridges,”

says Donal Cronin, Product Development & Programme Director at Radisens Diagnostics.

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