MedPhab pilot line develops a technology map allowing a systematic matching between technology needs (customer) and the pilot line offering (modularized competences of MedPhab partners). Typical combinations of (sub-) technologies are combined in production kits to allow accelerated and more efficient development in previously tested and proven process flows between MedPhab partners. Diagnostic devices consist of numerous photonic and non-photonic components that need to be integrated for the required overall functionality.


The technology offered by MedPhab can help companies to develop solutions for various applications, such as, hospital use to enable real-time information and monitoring of the treatment progression, novel home care services, wearables and equipment for in-vitro diagnostics.

Hospital Use

Users     →  Medical Professionals

Technology →  Fiber optic modules

Home Care Service

Users     →  Citizens jointly with professionals

Technology →  Miniaturized modules for wearables

Equipment for Chemical Diagnostics

Users     →  Professionals in laboratories

Technology →  Disposable microfluidic cartridges, Reader units


MedPhab uses an approach to simplify the development of these diverse systems by using modular technology blocks covering 1) Photonic components, 2) Non-photonic peripherals, 3) Integration and 4) Post-processing steps. This modular concept enables a structured approach to highly fragmented heterogeneous technologies.
For fabrication cases, the fabrication chain is designed by choosing the relevant blocks. Depending on the customer’s needs, either customized or standardized fabrication processes with ISO13485 certificate can be applied (Development support).

MedPhab Handbook

Downloadable material

flyer, elevator pitch , dissemination slides,

Brochures of model cases: disposable plasmonic, and wearable PIC temperature sensor

Public deliverables: dissemination strategy, Print media, Events plan, investor engagement plan, Model case: in-vitro diagnostics, Model case: in-vivo diagnostics