“Rapid testing at the Point of Care (POC) is a key future need in many areas like human diagnostics, veterinary medicine or environmental testing.  

Currently, the most widespread but already outdated technology for doing POCT (point of care testing) is based on lateral flow strip tests that have proven useful in the past decades but lack the core capabilities necessary for future POCT, which are:

  • Multiplexing – to test on sample for more than one analyte in parallel –  and
  • Quantification – give a precise concentration of the analyte sought.  

The GENSPEED xPOC technology allows both, the multiplexed quantification of up to 8 parameters in a sample like a finger-prick drop of blood in just 15 minutes.

Advantages of the GENSPEED test system

This unique technology can be used for RNA/DNA and protein based assays.

To get an idea on the typical technical/molecular workflow on the system please watch :

It is so easy to do use GENSPEED xPOC for testing of two biomarkers in parallel – see